New Construction Electrical Installation Services

With four decades of industry experience, Gator Electrical Contractors, Inc. excels in wiring new homes and installing electrical fixtures with precision and adherence to current codes. Our expert team ensures each project is executed with the highest standards of workmanship and attention to detail. By collaborating closely with builders and general contractors, we guarantee timely and efficient completion of all electrical installations, helping to keep your construction projects on track and up to code.


What We Offer

  • New Home Wiring: Comprehensive electrical wiring for new residential construction.
  • Electrical Fixture Installation: Expert installation of lighting, ceiling fans, and other electrical fixtures.
  • Electrical Panel Installation: Setting up and configuring electrical panels to ensure safe and reliable power distribution.
  • Circuit Breaker Installation: Installing circuit breakers to protect your electrical system.
  • Outlet and Switch Installation: Professional installation of outlets and switches throughout the home.
  • Wiring for Appliances: Ensuring proper electrical connections for kitchen and household appliances.

Why Choose Us

We focus on your requirements and work towards the perfection of all our projects. We are here to answer all your questions and solve your problems related to the tasks you have for us.

Thank you for considering our services at Gator Electrical Contractors, Inc. We work with pride and integrity to deliver quality services. Get in touch with us for a trustworthy team and budget-friendly services.